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In today’s post I want to share with you some key points about how you are or feel after you have kicked Cancer in the butt.


  1. Cancer is often described as a journey that starts at diagnosis.

    For many people who have finished cancer treatment, life has changed and is not quite the same as it was before diagnosis. Some people feel that their life is on hold, or in limbo.

  2. After treatment ends, you may find that people expect you to feel well, get on with your life and not need support. For many, this may not be the case. You may want life to return to normal as soon as possible, but you may not know how. Or you may want or need to make changes to your life.

    Many survivors find they need ongoing support after their treatment finishes. Over time, survivors often find a new way of living. This process is often called finding a “new normal” and may take months or for others maybe years.

  3. Having mixed feelings after treatment ends is common. People often feel both excited and anxious when treatment ends. You may need time to stop and reflect on what has happened before you can think about the future.

    Many survivors don’t feel the way they expect to after their treatment ends. You may feel a sense of loss or abandonment as your engagement with the treatment team and support from family and friends becomes less intense.

  4. You may find you need time to recover, physically and emotionally, after your treatment ends. On the outside, you may look normal and healthy. But on the inside you may still be recovering physically and emotionally. Your family and friends may not fully understand what you’ve been through, or realize that the cancer experience doesn’t necessarily stop when treatment ends. It may help to allow yourself time to adjust to these changes, and to ask your friends and family for their support and patience during this period.

    Some cancer survivors say there were positive aspects to their cancer experience. Most people refer to cancer as a life-changing experience. Some people discover an inner strength they didn’t know they had. Others may develop new friendships during their treatment or discover new sources of support.

  5. Many people find they need time to reflect on their cancer journey. You may find you now place more value on your relationships with family or friends, or you may want to make changes to some relationships. Some people are motivated to travel or start new activities.

    This may mean re-evaluating their values, goals and priorities in life. With time they find a new way of living – a ‘new normal’. Reducing stress, start exercise or quit smoking is a good way to start. This shift is often gradual; even positive change can take time.

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